“RosDee Menu” , completed-taste menu seasoning powder.

RosDee menu is specific menu seasoning Thai style for make your favorite menu enjoy your delicious dish with complete aroma with complete ingredient and seasoning in one sachet.

"RosDee Menu" , completed-taste menu seasoning powder.
“RosDee Menu” , completed-taste menu seasoning powder.

There are various menus available for your selection including :

Chinese Five Spices : Chinese Five Spices Powder – Rosdee (60g)
Tom Yum : Tom Yum Powder – Rosdee (60g)
Tom Yum ‘Creammy’ : Tom Yum Creamy Powder – Rosdee (60g)
Hot Basil Stir Fried : Hot Basil Stir Fried Sauce Powder – Ros Dee (50g)
Stir Fried Oyster Sauce : Stir Fried Oyster Sauce Powder – Rosdee (70g)
Clear Soup (Kaeng Jued) : Clear Soup Powder (Kaeng Jued) – Rosdee (60g)
Spicy & Sour Soup : Spicy & Sour Soup Powder – Rosdee (40g)
Green Curry : Green Curry Powder – Rosdee (55g)
Laab-Namtok : Laab Namtok Powder – Rosdee (30g)
Marinate & Grill Sauce : Marinate & Grill Sauce Powder – Rosdee (60g)
Roasted Red Pork Sauce : Roasted Red Pork Sauce Powder – Rosdee (80g)
Thai Spicy Salad Powder : Thai Spicy Salad Powder – Rosdee (40g)
Kaeng Leang : Kaeng Liang Powder – Rosdee (50g)
Kua Kling Sauce : comming soon
Tom Kha : Tom Kha Powder – Rosdee (50g)

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