Srichand Powder Mask – For Oily Skin

Powder Mask – For Oily Skin. The Original Powder by Srichand. The Original Powder by Srichand with the same secret formula renowned for its oil control benefit since 1948. It helps to absorb excess oil to create a shine-free look and prepare your skin for nourishing/makeup. Ideal for oily skin and person with outdoor lifestyles.

Powder Mask – For Oily Skin. The Original Powder by Srichand
1. Open the package and release the powder.
2. Mix some amount of powder with water (recommended ratio of 1:2 (powder : water))
3.Mix together to form powder mask.
4. Apply on your face (avoid eyes and sensitive area), leave on for 30 minutes (or overnight if needed) then rinse off and clean your face as your normal routine.

Original Powder Mask – Srichand (20g)

Original Powder Mask – Srichand (2g.)

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