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This website is created to promote Thai Grocery , Thai Grocrey Online. Guiding trips and travelling routes of all the popular sightseeing attractions, including good quality hotel with low prices that have been specially selected by local people and tourists.

Snacks Thai & Candy Thai s Snacks popular in Thailand and abroad. Thai products are low in prices
Snacks Thai & Candy Thai s Snacks popular in Thailand and abroad

Bangkok Overview / Bangkok have the average temperature in low to medium level at 30-37 degrees Celsius throughout year. There will have heavy rain in September and October. However, it occurs with all parts of Thailand. Although it rains heavily but we can still see sunlight. If travelers would like to see the sunlight, Bangkok, a city of blue sky, will give you the nice experience throughout year, except in the mentioned two month period. There are many skyscrapers, colorful street markets, many located shopping malls and vigorous nightspots.

Thai cuisine Lobo-MasmanThai cuisineThai cuisine Lobo-Masman Thai cuisine is usually made of vegetables, herbs and spices made savory by the fragrances of ginger, galangal and lemon grass, all of which are found in curries, soups and beverages; Thai foods are healthy, nutritious, delicious and in available in a variety of tasty and the unique flavour and ingredients. Thai food features sweet, sour, salty, and spicy options that people around the world.

Authentic Thai food is still very popular and plays a big part in our culture. However, we Thais nowadays have opened our hearts to accept and explore new tastes and flavours from other food cultures.

Thais generally like to eat and share our food with our friends and family. This is why we always have 3 to 5 dishes for each meal; it’s a reflection of the variety of food we share as a family. However, having a range of choices for us doesn’t just mean quantity, but new ideas, inspiration, and food presentation as well.

Masman Curry seems to be the only kaang praised in the Thai historic royal poem, memorized in the heart of every Thai student. Cumin, cardamon and clove give this curry strong sensational flavour.

But overall it really has a very smooth flavour. Anyone who ever tasted it will ask for more. It goes perfectly well with pork, chicken, duck and beef. Nowadays, there are many advances in various aspects of cooking Masman Curry.

Bangkok Transport, the popularity of traveler
Bangkok Transport, the popularity of traveler

Bangkok Transport, the popularity of travelers Bangkok streets have the problem of traffic jam. Therefore, we would like to recommend a convenient travel on the middle of river, that is, Chao Phraya Express Boat. There are many foreign travelers, especially Europe people, who like to travel with this trail due to it is economical with its cheap fare at 10-40 baht (Thai currency), convenient and fast. Moreover, you can also take photos of view along two sides of rivers. Most of all, it will provide travelers real atmosphere of travel.

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Suggestion : When you visit a Buddhist temple, you should get dressed simply and politely. Please do not reveal your shoulders and legs to honor the place. Some temples may not allow you to enter inside if you get dressed impolitely.